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  • Military needs sex workers to ‘relieve’ soldiers: Army captain

    SEX workers should be sent to the front line to ­"service'' Australia's combat soldiers and help them relieve stress. That is the opinion of a female Australian Army Captain who is currently on deployment in the Middle East. Captain Sally Williamson made the suggestion on an official Australian Army website. She also wrote that if the front line was too dangerous for prostitutes, troops could be given sex toys instead. Her article "Sex And War - A Conversation Army Has To Have" was posted earlier this month on the Army's official Land Power Forum blog and removed several days later. It said chiefs were too "nervous" to talk about sex in the wake of a string of military sexual scandals. Captain Williamson wondered "whether the Army could contract Australian male and female sex workers to service troops in forward operating bases and air bases." These would be the same as the official Field Mobile Brothels the French military deployed around the airfields of Dien Bien Phu during the French Indochina War in 1954. However, she found there were "moral, legal, practical, medical and logistical barriers" to putting sex workers in the line of fire. If the front line was considered too dangerous for sex workers, then sex toys could be offered instead. Instead, she urged Army chiefs to loosen the rules on fraternisation to allow willing soldiers on the front line to "have sexual relations in a safe, secure and controlled environment". "Another option the ADF could consider is facilitating safe and regulated sexual satisfaction through other means such as providing masturbation facilities or issuing sex toys," she said. She said sex helped relieve the stress of "loneliness or prolonged absence from family, friends, partners and spouses" and the exposure to bombs and killing that came from deployment in a war zone, adding: "Improved intimacy and sexual interaction can help combat veterans with PTSD recovery." However, if none of that worked, Captain Williamson suggested that the Army "should be stricter in enforcing abstinence". Captain Williamson's sex plan was met with criticism from several quarters. Australian Peacekeeper and Peacemaker Veterans Association NSW President Bruce Relph said: "If a soldier is going to war or on a ­peacekeeping operation they need to keep sex out of the picture." Former Army officer and Australian Conservatives member Bernie Gaynor said: "I can't believe that an officer wrote this article in the first place. It is even harder to comprehend how it was allowed to be published. "Five years after ... the 'Skype' sex scandal we now see the Army calling for a discussion on taxpayer-funded prostitution and open fraternisation. What a disaster.''

  • The Military-Grade Masturbation Device is Designed to Service Our Troops

    God bless America. The United States Armed Forces are the most powerful military force on the planet, so it only makes sense that they're outfitted with the best weapons, gear, and yes, even masturbation devices. Meet the Lifetime Silicone Stroker, the world's first male sex toy constructed with military-grade materials and designed with the American soldier in mind. This article explains that the sex toy "meets or exceeds MIL-STD-810, the most rigorous set of performance tests for operation under extreme environmental conditions," including the very pertinent "fluids contamination test." The product is the brainchild of Brian Sloan, the mad genius behind the world's most beautiful vagina contest and most beautiful anus contest. He's used 3D scans of the winner's triumphant vulva as the model for the Stroker's entry point, meaning that you're "sticking your soldier" into the best-looking vagina in the universe. Made with 100 percent non-porous silicone that can't be penetrated by smelly, disease-causing bacteria, it seems well-worth the $80 price tag. Best of all, the first 300 active duty military men with an American Post Office shipping address to order one get it for free!

  • Penis Pumps – Do they really work?

    If you ask men, size really matters, and it matters a lot. Now, some of you might think that it is only important in the bedroom department, but you’d be wrong. And if a man is not satisfied with his size, he might consider using a penis pump. The first logical question is “Does it work?” There are literally hundreds of penile pump ads that are promising to enlarge your member. However, these might sound too good to be true, and some of their advertised aspects are a bit exaggerated.

    What a Penis Pump Can Do

    Benefits of a penis pump are numerous, and they include maintaining penis size and length after prostate surgery, promoting the health of the penile tissue, as well as erection improvement. If you’re looking for this kind of help, a penis pump can help you.

    What’s a Penis Pump?

    This device consists of a pump connected to a cylinder. Its design serves to help achieve and maintain an erection. In order to use it, you need to put the cylinder that has an airtight seal at the base over your penis. Then, you just need to pump the air out of that cylinder and create a vacuum. This vacuum will make blood flow into your penis, which causes an immediate increase in size and length.

    Useful After Prostatectomy

    Unfortunately, one of the frequent side effects of radical prostate surgery is penis length reduction. One way that will for sure maintain the size and length of your penis after this surgery is a penis pump. And that isn’t just a guess, but a number of studies proved it to be a fact. Men who experienced penis length decrease after a prostatectomy managed to return it back to normal with the regular use of a penis pump. Men who used Cialis in combination with a penis pump had the best results. Tadalafil or Cialis is a common treatment that men get after prostate surgery. However, when used alone, it isn’t as effective as it is in combination with a pump.

    Will It Improve Erections?

    Penis pumps are proving themselves to be fairly effective as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. But, that is not all. In fact, penis pumps are also capable of helping people achieve better erections.  So, even those who never had a prostatectomy can see improvements. A study from 2010 shows that the use of penis pumps can help reduce the chance of cavernosal fibrosis forming. It does so by improving the oxygenation of the surrounding tissues and enhancing the blood flow. You should consider using a penis pump if you are noticing a decline in your nightly erections.

    Can It Increase Size and Length?

    Well, both yes and no. The good part of the story is that you will experience a size increase after using the pump. But, the effect is only temporary. A number of people who use the pump multiple times per week claim they saw an increase in penis length. However, again, the penis would revert to the original size upon the cessation of use.

    Other Ways to Achieve the Same Goal

    If your goal is a larger penis, you can turn to surgical methods to achieve it. However, the effects of those are not as impressive, and the process is definitely not pleasant.