Everything you need to know about butt plugs

What Are Butt Plugs?

A butt plug is a sex toy that can be inserted in your butt safely, because it has a flared base. When butts get excited they can sometimes suck things up, or push things out. A butt plug generally has a flared base that anchors the toy outside the body. It is shaped similar to a dildo, sometimes to resemble a penis, but with a flanged end (wider base) to ensure the plug is not lost inside during possible rectal contractions.

How To Use A Butt Plug

Once you’ve both decided that you’re ready and willing to give butt plugs a try within your relationship and sexual dynamic, you might be overwhelmed figuring out where to start. With dozens upon dozens of options made in all shapes, colors, size, formats and materials, knowing which one is best for your body (and for her’s) could be more complicated than you’d expect. It’s really important to start with something really small to get the anal sphincter muscles accustomed to having something inserted.

What are Various Sex Positions When Using Butt Plugs?

When you’re first exploring butt plugs, you’ll want to figure out what the best sex positions will be for you and your partner. During vaginal penetration from behind (doggy style or standing leaning over a bed) it can feel really good to have additional pressure from a partner pushing slightly with a finger or their body weight on the end of the plug. Intermittent pressure can feel like anal penetration, adding more intensity to the sex. And if you’re both open-minded to the plug use, consider playing a swapping game. Making sure of course, you cleanse between insertions.

How Do You Talk About Butt Plugs?

While that is a very straightforward approach, the experts don’t suggest leading with your newfound curiosity right off the bat. In fact, Riley suggests talking about it while you’re both fully dressed to ensure that everyone can consent without pressure, since sexual consent is of utmost importance, regardless of what you’re trying. Be prepared for other conversations that might arise from a yes, no or maybe list, too.

Where Do Butt Plugs Come From?

If you’ve ever found yourself oddly turned on by a piece of equipment or used something, say like, a bar of soap, to masturbate with, than you know that many inventions are not only used for their intended purpose. “Butt plugs, like many other sex toys, have been around for a long, long time, and some are were used as medical devices to treat challenge or concern patients were having.

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